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Ph. D. in Law

Law refers to the formulation of precise rules that define the correct procedure in which a governing body, institute or firm must operate. They are critical for ensuring and maintaining the overall hygiene and hence form an integral part of any system. Individuals or firms breaking the law attract due penalty or punishment as may be the case.

Law is a vast subject and requires detailed knowledge on a case to case basis. An open mind, desire for justice, and skillful presentation are adeptly needed to win a case. The above are the attributes of successful lawyers and they are highly sought after to handle complex cases.

Needless say these lawyers are also among the most highly paid professionals, with the top ranks taking home millions on successfully winning a tough case. Along with experience, having a PhD in law is a great asset for any law student.

To pursue research earlier Indian Law graduates tried for foreign law colleges, however now with numerous universities opening up in India, we can say that premium law research can be done amongst Indian Universities as well.

One such avenue is the PhD in law program offered at Sandip University in Nashik, Maharashtra. With facilities like extensive Library, free-wi, guest lectures and various others it’s fast emerging as a preferred destination for law PhD aspirants.

Situated away from the city, students can study without any disturbance in its 250+ acre campus. Well experienced professors act like mentors, helping guide students for brighter career opportunities in their area of law interest.

Research plays a crucial part in the shaping of any law professional, and at Sandip University you will be given adequate learning aids to ensure your research, law projects, and white papers come out in flying colours.

So come join us and we assure to make a gem law professional out of you.


1st Year Fee : Rs 75000 per annum

Hostel Fee Rs. 65000 per annum + 5000 security deposit.

Please note fees for (examination, eligibility, sports etc.) will be charged extra,

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