Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Possessing a master’s degree is a good way to broaden a student’s career prospects irrespective of their field /industry.

One might wonder…Why?

Well, masters provide in-depth knowledge about the subject, and also allow students to explore numerous opportunities. Broadening their horizon it allows them to look at careers in industries apart from their own ventures. This is especially true for Masters in Business Administration.

The two year MBA program is a rich distilled study of business administration and is probably the most sought after degree courses for the opportunities it sums up in India and abroad.

In India, currently there are 4000+ colleges that provide MBA programs, sadly not all are at the same level of what be called centres of credible education. It is vital for the student to do some self-analysis and look at MBA colleges that fit into his bill of aspirations.

Lately, numerous universities have been granted permission by UGC for running MBA programs in their institute. However, only those with a long term vision and clear agenda to keep students interest first are worth considering. One among them is Sandip University, which has a dedicated school for various master’s specializations.

Students get exposed to unique syllabus by resident teachers and professors who have been specially handpicked keeping students long term interests in mind. Students will learn in a large campus, having amenities that are world class. This includes a 250+ acre campus, hostels, gymnasium, cafeteria, sports complex and others, so that there is a perfect balance of study and recreation when pursuing the course.

programme offered

MBA - Business Administration MBA- Human Resources Mangement MBA - Finace Management
MBA - Marketing MBA - Business Analytics  
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