The Sandip University based in Maharashtra welcomes an aspirant to explore our School of Multimedia & Mass Communication college. Situated in a midst of Nashik, our Mass Communication & Media colleges are an interdisciplinary and academic centrality that nurtures and help you to understand the concepts of the multimedia industry. We help you to keep abreast with the latest knowledge in respect to communication by offering the various Multimedia Communications Degree Program to our students in order to excel in the industry.


To equip the young aspirants with a good oratory skills, along with the basic understanding about how the media industry works.
Provides an excellent advantage over several other departments, where the communication acts as a basic tool for career advancement.
It enables to improvise or polish your creative side, that helps in for survival in the media industry.
Creating a deeper impact on the present business scenario.
We offer you the equilibrium of theoretical & practical knowledge prevailing inside the business.
Prepares the students to work on numerous project that gave them to sustain in an industry
By offering the most challenging courseware for the most optimized Multimedia courses in Nashik
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Career Prospects

Makes a students to be career ready and facilitates them to envision the best in the industry.
Apart from having the best teaching faculties, it serves as a best Launchpad to start your career.
Specifically, a new-age profession, it creates an immense opportunities in imparting the quality education that provides the best opportunities.
Enhance the leadership & skills management with a sufficient clinical background.
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Programs Offered

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