National Level Technical Festival,

Event Description:

Event: National Level Technical Festival, "AAYAAM-2017" Date: 23th March 2017. Event Detail: Sandip Foundation proudly presents National Level Technical Festival, "AAYAAM-2017" on 23rd March 2017. To carve a niche for Aayaam, we will be focusing more on the Project Competition in Aayaam 2017. Along with this we have organized other challenging technical events such as Robo Competition, Bridge making, Lathe War etc. as the peripheral events. To make Aayaam a grand success sandipians are investing dedicated time and efforts. Aayaam gives us an opportunity to create mutually beneficial association between two institutes. We would appreciate participation from your institute and pledge to provide your maximum co-operation.

Counter Strike

Project Competition and Exhibition


Virtual Treasure Hunt

Paper Presentation


ROBO Compitition

Box cricket

Bridge Making

CAD Modelling


Lathe War

Haunted Cricket

Computer game (NFS)

Sr.No. Event Name of Student Coordinator Name of Staff Coordinator
SP Paper Presentation Present a Perfect paper! Abhishek More 9011116454) Prof. R. N. Bonde 8956707568)
Lathe WarCreate something mechanical ! Umesh Bhawar (7741888605) Prof.S.B.Deshmukh (9766252362)
C - Tech Program your brain to win ! Amol Ghandat (9881276315) Prof.B.S.Chaudhary (7507962707)
SIP Blind C Decode your mind! Rushabh Panjwani (9096161985) Prof.N.S.Joshi (9423913075)
Bridge Making Build it strong ! Bhushan Doshi (8446296986) Prof.V.O.Patil (9511940099)
SIEM Implonix Debug the circuit ! Miss. Jayashree Bhamare (8623003878) Prof. Mrs. Kanawade S. Y. (9860096662)
Box cricket Strike in the box ! Mr. Vivek Patil (8208433972) Prof. Patel R. V. (9766890561)
Computer game (NFS) Play it speedy ! Mr. Mohit Patil (8087392803) Prof. Patil A. G. (9860200658)
SITRC ROBO RACE Compitition Swapnil Borse (9970188141) Prof. Garudkar P. S. (7875392763)
Counter strike Ganesh Sonawane (9890986409) Prof. Pravin Pachorkar (9049049448)
Virtual Treasure Hunt Madhavi Sangale (8855837566) Prof. Tushar Surwade (9049703359)
CAD Modelling Sawant Sudarshan (7798775027) Prof. Vasim Shaikh (9970061514)
Haunted Cricket Nikhil Kapadnis (8975924236) Prof. Rahul Deshmukh (9420674068)
Project Competition and Exhibition Got the talent? Show it !
SIEM Co-ordinator for Project Competition (Civil Engg.) Mr. Romil Wadhwani (9175646323) Prof. Dr. Ahirrao S. P. (9423193610)
Co-ordinator for Project Competition (Mechanical Engg.) Mr. Keshav S. Bochare (7757971143) Prof. Dr. Waghmare G. G. (9423385566)
SITRC Co-ordinator for Project Competition (Comp/ IT.) Suraj Sutar (8308087715) Prof. Bhushan Chaudhari(9823016070)
Co-ordinator for Project Competition (E & TC.) Yashashree Pawar (9765558568) Prof. Pramod Aswale (8805409139)
SIP Co-Ordinator- Project Competition (Electrical Engg.) Harshad Ukar (8446616366) Prof.D.S.suryavanshi (8805407795)

Chief Patron
Ho'ble Dr. Sandip Kumar Jha
Chairman, Sandip Foundation
Hon'ble Prof. P. I. Patil
Mentor, Sandip Foundation
Dr. M. P. Ray
Principal, SIEM, Nashik
Prof. P. N. Patil
Principal, SP, Nashik
Hon'ble Mrs. MohiniPatil
GM, Sandip Foundation
Dr. S.T. Gandhe
Principal , SITRC, Nashik
Prof. S. D. Pawar
Principal, SIP, Nashik
Dr. R. G. Tated
Pro.VC, SU, Nashik

Event Date

23 March 2017

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