B.Tech (Civil Engineering)


  • Testing of water samples for Sandip Foundation campus in Env.Engg.Lab (Prof.J.P.Nayak Prof.K.A.Salunke)
  • Bridge Design for Sandip Foundation by (Prof.P.R.Vaidya)
  • Practical Conduction KVN Naik COE students(TE Civil) for the subject Fluid Mechanics by Prof. R.N Patil
  • Testing of Building materials in SOM & CT lab (Prof.S.S.Barmade & Prof.V.B.Shinde)
  • Surveying of Lake at Navapur(Prof.K.L.Bidkar Prof.V.B.Shinde ,Prof.S.S. Barmade,Prof.Pagare)
  • NDT test at Police Quarters, Yeola By Prof. A.C.Pawar & Prof. S.G.Pande
  • Proof Checking of the Design of Sijoul Campous by Prof.K.S.Bhusal & Prof.A.C.Pawar
  • Testing Of 18 concrete cube At CT lab SIEM by Prof.V.B.Shinde & Prof.S.S.Baramade
  • Carry put BOQ of Sandip Foundation Building at Sijoul Campus and Nashik Campus
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